Our Story

There is an age-old legacy which needs preservation and cultivation. We at ShankarFarm Fresh strive to handle the legacy with care. This careful respect towards ancient traditions reflects in our process and products. Dairy production is simply not just a manufacturing endeavour but a personal zest to achieve perfection of the essence of all Dairy products, transpiring it into a zenith of purity and richness. We are very passionate about our farm and the animals that reside there. We strictly follow a 100% green eco-cycle, where every step is enabled naturally.

Shankar Farm Fresh has been a honest and genuine effort to revive our culture of having Desi Cow’s milk, Desi Ghee, organic vegetables and living with nature, for nature. What started as an idea to brand Desi Cow’s A2 Ghee evolved into a variety of chemical free products - a vertically integrated farm, Shankar farm fresh qualifies and ticks all boxes of a fully organic farming practise.

  • Vertically integrated farm

    Our vegetables are grown using vermicompost that feed on our A2 Desi cow’s waste (manure). We process our ghee with our A2 Desi Cow’s milk. We are a vertically integrated farm.

  • Care of Animals

    Our team takes utmost care of animals with good music & sprinklers as well as feeding dry & wet nutrient-rich fodder.

  • No Use Of Chemicals

    We have a strict policy against use of chemicals/ pesticides or any other harmful substance.

  • No Cruelty To Animals

    Our team makes sure that all animals are treated with kindness and love. Especially our calves

  • Vocal for local

    We support our state and country’s pride by taking care of only A2 Desi Cow. We say no to for foreign bred cattle.

  • Follow Bilona Process

    Unlike other processed ghee brands in the market, our Ghrita is made from age-old Bilona practices.

Meet our amazing team

An all women team is the core of Shankar Farm Fresh. They started off with the objective of spreading
the real taste of Ghee and including it in the daily routine of everyone, resulting in the inception of their product Ghrita.

Mrs. Rati Pandya


Ms. Kalyani Pandya