Shankar Farm Fresh

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We strive to provide fresh, organic and clean dairy products and seasonal vegetables/ fruits.

Located in Vadodara, Gujarat - we are home to our A2 Desi Cows (Gir, Sahiwal and Sindhi variety). These moo-babies are hand milked, well fed and always loved by our care takers.

We grow organic vegetables, fruits using only cow manure and vermicompost - no chemicals or pesticides are used.

Our Story

A family passion and an age old legacy was revived by the founder - Kalyani Pandya in 2020. With the help of her mother, Kalyani Pandya strived to merge a traditional approach with a systematic one. This passion is first reflected in our A2 Desi Cow's milk - raw and unpasteurized, milked using hands and not machines.

Our continuous efforts led us to our Ghee made using A2 Desi Cow's Milk called Ghrita (a sanskrit word for Ghee) made using Bilona method. We maintain a vertically integrated farm diversifying into organic vegetables and fruits..

100 % Eco-Friendly
Affectionate Care of Animals
No Use Of Chemicals / Pesticides
No Cruelty To Animals
Huge Open Spaces for Animals
Made from Bilona Process

What our users have been saying


The ghee is just simply outstanding!! The texture is so good and feels just right on tongue - didn’t even wait to cook with it - just topped my roti with a blob of this amazing stuff 💪🏻💪🏻 def def will order more!


I found Ghrita ghee made from cow milk has best aroma, very good texture and extremly good taste, if your are ghree lover try Ghrita.


The ghee is very nice! I am having it too. Kshitij actually tried it for the first time today and he loves the ghee as well. Simply Love it!


My parents love the quality of ghee. My
father says it tastes like the ghee he got
in his childhood village home. My best
wishes for the success of this venture.